Thursday, July 15, 2010

We Made It!!!

Tomorrow Asher turns ONE!!! One year on this earth and my blue eyed boy has fought tooth and nail, for each breath!
Think about that for a minute!

For anyone that is just watching life as if you are watching a movie, stuck, without hope, no inspiration,,, take a look at the little boy, and find a spark to embrace life, and love those around you,, for life is fleeting, tomorrow is not a promise.
I would never wish this heart defect, or the pain involved on anyone,,, but will say I have been blessed with NEVER taking my son, his life, my life, my family for granted,,, the pain of this year has been like a tiny pill of awareness that some may never know. Sure I am human, there are days my energy is LOW, but the feeling of pure gratitude for having Asher with me far out shines any sleepy mood.

Asher had a Cath to repair his Aortic Arch, and coil off some extra veins stealing blood flow,, making his heart work harder. He will need another cath in 5 mnths hopefully making him a good candidate for his third stage ( open heart ) surgery thus making him STRONGER!
His cath brought back memories,,, I was NOT in anyway ready for the surge of emotion I would feel when I saw him after the procedure..... I fought tears,, my chin quivered, my heart broke again,, funny, a heart breaks, and heals pretty fast in the CVICU,,.
The fact we had staff surrounding us that KNEW Asher's journey every detail by memory, helped, it was a much needed comfort to my wounded soul.
Asher's road has been paved with struggle, for a long there was more hurt then relief,,.
Then when he has his stroke, we went from struggle to despair.... Watching him my active, alert, feisty boy,, just lay, no eye contact, no real movement, no answers to his future was almost more then I could handle,,, I cried tears of anguish, my heart was being shredded to bits, to take his place I would have given anything.
Those few days we were minute to minute,, each minute Asher proved he was NOT giving up,, and God proved he had not left us,,, the nurses, and doctors that cared for him, and those that were just working,,, ( also those that came in when they heard) proved they had not left,,, they never gave up fighting to save Asher,, and if they ever thought he wouldn't recover it never showed.... He made it,!

Today for the first time in physical therapy he sat up all on his own from a position flat ( very flat) on his back!
The therapists and I cheered, and clapped,, Asher looked over at me,, with his shiny blue eyes and smiled, a confident crooked smile,,, like " see I can do it Mama, no problem."
From the day Asher was born,, he has had a confidence,, this air of determination. I saw it in his eyes, from the moment I looked in them there is a spark there like he knew what he had to do,, and would do his part, and that spark is still there.... Thankful for that spark
There were moments I thought we would never take our boy home,, let alone be planning his one year birthday, so thankful for this chance.

I urge you to take a look at yourself,,, this little boy has overcome so much, and does it with a smile,, never giving up, always loving those around him... if you haven't been doing this what is your excuse?? I dare you to come up with one that rivals his,,, there isn't one....
I challenge you to live life with love!! Embrace it, take on new challenges both physically, and spiritually...

Thank you all for support, prayer, and love
Team Asher ROCKS